AIOFP Virtual PD Day


Integrating automated appointment booking into your practice

Helping advisers engage with clients during COVID 19 and beyond

Presented by Gavin Klose

10 minutes

Live demo, setting up and how to use calendar automation and virtual meetings

About Calendly

Find the perfect meeting time with super-easy online appointment scheduling software from Calendly, and say goodbye to phone and email tag.

We use it all the time at Feedsy, we love the efficiencies it brings to our business and to the people we work with. We would like to share what we have learnt.

Feedsy is helping advisers engage with clients during COVID-19 and beyond.

‘Streamlining the review process’


Presented by Simon Betchley

10 minutes

  • Client review offer
  • Client review reminder
  • Review jobs for staff
  • Worksorted | Feedsy integration
  • Want to learn more about Worksorted?

About Worksorted

Sitting within a bank-grade security environment and accessible from any online device, Worksorted serves as the operational workbench for hundreds of advice firms across Australia and New Zealand.

Worksorted is an extremely intuitive practice management solution, incorporating CRM, revenue management, compliance tools and end-to-end workflow.

Worksorted delivers efficiency, accuracy and peace-of-mind to all levels of an advice firm through simple and intuitive functionality, customisable and personalised features and powerful reports and dashboards.

Helping advisers engage more in less time


Presented by Steve Holmes

10 minutes

  • Monthly email newsletter automation
  • Weekly stories for you to share
  • How it works, how to set-up, how to use

About Feedsy

Engage more with customers in less time.

Since 2013, Feedsy has been helping time-poor advice businesses regularly stay in contact with customers by auto-publishing stories to blog pages, email newsletters, social media feeds and more.

Improve and deepen existing client relationships with an improved ‘after-tax’ outcomes.


You will walk away with:

Take a fresh and unique look at how ‘state of the art’, fit for purpose Education Bonds can help deepen your existing client relationships, enhance your client value proposition, and provide the potential for improved ‘after-tax’ wealth outcome leading to more cost-effective client acquisition.

Presented by Richard Atkinson

About Futurity

  • Futurity Investment Group has been supporting the education journeys of families for over 45 years.
  • We are an independent and mutually structured financial institution and Australia’s leading issuer of tax-effective, life-event Education Bonds.
  • Futurity’s ground-breaking range of Education Bonds is designed for families to tax-effectively save and invest to fund their lifelong learning objectives.

You’ve set up your marketing program, you’re attracting clients, now what?

A group of successful and satisfied businesspeople looking upwards smiling

Presented by Emma Crothers
Fusion Practice Solutions

10 minutes

  • We’ll take a deep dive into what it takes to provide an exceptional client experience every time.

About Fusion Practice Solutions

Specialising in Financial Planning & passionate about all things small business, FPS provides business consultancy, project management & administration resourcing to small businesses.